Some FAQs on spray foam insulation Toronto!

Today awareness regarding energy efficient homes in increased to a great extent. Due to this, there are lots of people interested in lowering down consumption of energy and saving on their energy bills.  People are actually searching for the ways that can help in saving money by cutting the energy expenses. It is a green program and cutting down on the bills will save your environment too. For this installing spray foam insulation can be the best option.

Prior to deciding on the installation of the same and hiring spray foam insulation contractors Toronto , there are some of the doubts and questions you need to be clear about so that you can take the right decision.

Why spray foam is a better option in comparison to fiberglass?

The air sealing properties of spray foam insulation Toronto make it a superior choice in comparison to that of the fiberglass. Even if the fiberglass is installed properly still it is not able to offer an air blockage and allows the air to pass through it. With this, two climates combine that is air conditioner air that is inside and outdoor air. This leads to the development of condensation in the walls of the building.

What makes open-cell different from that of the closed-cell foam insulation?

Open-cell and closed-cell foam spray insulation, both are amazing insulators. These two are able to offer the best air and thermal barrier. The major difference between the two is that closed ones are waterproof and does not allow water movement. Open cell allows water movement within it and dries it. Water should not be stopped through insulation. Wall, roof and crawling space are designed in such a manner that it keeps water away. In case water is somehow able to get into assemblies it must be able to dry, mainly when it comes to wood structures.

Is there the requirement of ventilation even if it is insulated through spray foam?

This is not required. Spray foam insulation is placed under the roof deck while raising the plane of insulation through the ceiling till the deck. With this, conditioned space is developed in the attic space with typical specific temperature rather than the normal temperature.

In case of new construction when it is the right time in the entire building procedure to install spray foam insulation?

 Installment of spray foam needs to be done at the same time like the installation of traditional fiberglass. This needs to be done prior to hanging sheetrock and after going through framing and mechanical evaluation.

Is spray foam a good option as compared to fiberglass insulation as far as sound attenuation?

The fact is that it is a good option. This is because spray insulation has high density in comparison to fiberglass. Also, the physical properties make spray foam attenuate sound very efficiently.

Will the spray foam insulation Toronto needs big investment when compared to that of fiberglass insulation?

Spray foam requires more investment when compared to that of fiberglass insulations. However, it has been found that majority of the customers are able to sort out the difference over a period of three to five years by saving on energy bills.